Full Member:

Persons registered as healthcare practitioners under any statutory body in South or Southern Africa, or any similar statutory body or bodies which exist or may exist in South or Southern Africa, and whose function is to register medical practitioners and nurses

Associate Member:

  • Any other individual, who to the satisfaction of WHASA, provides evidence that he or she has a special interest in the wound healing provided that:
    • the applicant’s professional practice includes wound care;
    • the nature of the applicant’s practice or occupation is such as to give him or her a special interest in wound care;


  • the professional body or bodies of which the applicant may be a member has no official objection;
  • the applicant is qualified to be elected as a member of WHASA in the category of membership for which he or she has applied

Student Member:

Any student studying health science at an educational institution registered as such in South or Southern Africa, in terms of appropriate legislation


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